Forget Me Not Collection

Our Forget Me Not Collection has been specially made for people who have or care for people with Dementia. You can personalise the front cover with their name and a space will be left for you to attach your own photo. We will send you photo corners to attach your photo on the front cover and also a leaflet which include tips of what to include in your memory book.

For a loved one with Dementia being able to tell their life story can be rewarding and enjoyable. Visual aids, especially photos are a great way to stimulate memories for people with Dementia. You can include photos of friends, family, events in their life, holidays, and hobbies. Creating a memory book can be relaxing and rewarding for people who suffer with dementia, it can also give them an activity to focus on for several days, weeks or even months. As it can be done as a group activity with family, friends, and carers it can also help bonding and encourage conversations which can be started from the memories within the book. Memory books can also help the person with communication through talking about what is in the book.